It was on a cloudy Saturday afternoon,
when she walked into the cafe.

The winds have picked up,
as everyone inside was seeking shelter,
comfort from a warm cup of coffee.

You can tell she was not from around here.
The vibe about her screamed East coast.
New York or maybe Boston. Chicago?
Focused, calm, and put together.
Refreshing, if you ask me.

As she walked in, it was clear how windy it was outside.
Hair a mess, but she quickly adjusted and proceeded to the line.

The cafe had a interesting vibe this afternoon.
A quick scan around the room and you could tell it was, well, sad.
Half of us behind a screen pretending to do work,
while the other half loudly complaining about life.
My headphones, a true friend.

Soft piano playing with a touch of snare brushes,
coupled with an upright bass, walking lines.
I didn’t matter where I was,
my mind, body and soul in sync.

She orders black. Intriguing.

As she looked around for a spot,
I quickly focused my eyes back on my screen.
Trying to get some work done,
but we both know that isn’t going to happen.

I look back. She notices me looking at her. Great.

It only takes a moment, but the eyes reveal more than you can ever imagine.
Add facial and body expression, and you know more than you ever want to about a person in any particular moment.

I always meet new people, so I can never remember names well.
Familiar face, but who knows if we met.

She looked hopefully, excited.
She looked like she was on mission.
I like that. You know, purposeful.

It’s funny, sitting here speculating.
Little did I know.

Humanizing Brands