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  • Todd Paton

    Todd Paton

    Todd Paton is President of Paton Marketing (, a digital marketing and website development firm in Pompano Beach, FL. It is one of the few

  • Asher Sarjent

    Asher Sarjent

  • redrockshades


  • Brandon Le

    Brandon Le

    Always learning, doing, and exploring. Formerly @yc @mit, @supplywireless

  • Janina Aritao

    Janina Aritao

    Writing about design, while sipping coffee.

  • Tony Lee

    Tony Lee

    Sr. Social Media Manager at @5W_PR | Former @AtlasWearables Marketing & PR Lead, @TheVariableLab PR/Social | #Bonas Alumnus | Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

  • Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    Dr. Kevin Gazzara

    CEO of Magna Leadership Solutions, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Management Expert, Professor, Speaker, and Author. Contact:

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