Humanizing Brands

In a post COVID-19 world — if, in fact, there will be such a thing — corporate leadership is being summoned to a new depth of relationship with both consumers and employees. Facebook employees walk out. Consumers boycott. Thousands fill the streets. …

As we all know firsthand, change and uncertainty exponentially increased in 2020. Things we didn’t think needed to be addressed until five, ten years down the road are now mission critical. …

As a strategist who’s been in the advertising industry since the early 2000s, I’ve come to appreciate both the art and the science that goes into the craft. However, my eyes have opened to a major shift in the corporate world.

We are currently in a paradoxical moment where trust…

It was on a cloudy Saturday afternoon,
when she walked into the cafe.

The winds have picked up,
as everyone inside was seeking shelter,
comfort from a warm cup of coffee.

You can tell she was not from around here.
The vibe about her screamed East coast.
New York or maybe…

Anyone who has been there can’t deny how sweet this next-gen conference really is. Conveniently located in our Portland backyard, I was pretty stoked when I found out that I got in.

“XOXO is an experimental festival celebrating independent artists who work on the internet.”

I often observe human behavior…

As I sit here on a summer afternoon I notice a man walking down the sidewalk. As he approached, he saw the empty chairs outside the cafe and sat down. This man, maybe in his 60s, looked like he had a rough couple days. Clothes in dirt, hair undone, holding…


Humanizing Brands

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